The Problem With Charity Boxing

The Problem with Charity Boxing

Let me start by saying that no-one should be “fighting” in the ring and “boxing” on a show in front of hundreds or even thousands of people, after only 6-8 […]

Winning The Mental Battle of Physical Fitness and Obesity

Today’s post is less of a fully written blog, but instead, more of me just providing you with something to look at in your own time and to listen to […]

How Often Should We Exercise?

One question that I get asked a lot is “How often should I train?”… The answer to this is never the same; it’s different for each and every one of […]

Why is Movement So Important?

Movement is such an important thing for us all – both for mental and physical reasons – but it can often be taken for granted! It’s one of those things […]

How To Get Results

Everybody wants results. Particularly within the health and fitness industry! That’s the whole purpose behind exercise and training really, to see or feel physical improvements within yourself. Then why do […]

The Problem with Veganism

Veganism… It’s seeing a surge in popularity, with a lot of people deciding to ditch animal products altogether and a lot of others just deciding to reduce the amount of […]

The Benefit of Injury

Just over 5 weeks ago, when I broke my arm, I was gutted. I couldn’t see any benefit what-so-ever in the immediate aftermath of my fractured ulna (aside from the […]

A Trainer’s Expectations

This may be a question that you’ve never considered before, but what does a PT or coach expect from their client? Usually, people only focus on what the client wants […]

Exercising with Cancer

Exercise and cancer don’t appear to go hand-in-hand when you think of the two as separate entities. However, exercising whilst you’ve got cancer and are having treatment for it can […]

4 Signs of a Quality Coach & Personal Trainer

As the fitness industry continues to ascend in popularity, the number of trainers and coaches out there also begins to increase… The question is – what trainer/coach do you pick? […]