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This isn’t intended to be a “new year; new me” kind of post, where I list how good/bad my last year was or I tell the world my targets and aims for the coming year, but instead what it is meant to be is more of an exercise for people to try; something which I decided to do on New Years Eve; but could easily be carried out by you within this first month of the year…

Breaking it down

Generally, by breaking something down it becomes a lot easier to understand and think about; so taking that principle I basically broke down my last year into months and wrote a short paragraph about each month and what happened, what I achieved and/or what went well/not so well, alongside how I felt at the time.

I found this to be really quite theraputic as I looked back on the good things that I had achieved and experienced (and re-living those positive feeling along with it), but I also realised why I was struggling as much as I had been over the last 6 months and the things that were causing me unhappiness…

Luckily for me I keep journals so I can look back in detail at what I was experiencing, but this rough breakdown/monthly analysis really helped me to pinpoint where things began to change.

Taking Action

Once you’ve broken down the year into the 12 months and evaluated/summarised each month; then you’ve got essentially, a timeline of the past year, detailed with your experiences and how you felt during it all – the next part is quite simply really…

All I did was look at what months were my best, my most positive, most rewarding and happiest and looked back at what I was doing at the time compared with what I was doing more recently and I realised that in order to be at my best, I’d have to go back to doing what I was doing in those positive months, even when things don’t go to plan or when things don’t go so well.

But it’s not that easy

Of course, it’s not that easy…

When things are going bad and life decides to push you down a massive hill mountain and you feel as if the world is purposely going against you, it isn’t that easy! But then we have to consider what we actually have control over in our lives and if you really think about it, what do we actually control?

Our attitude, our mindset and our internal spirit…

They’re realistically, the only things (that I can think of anyway), that we actually control – we cannot control what happens to the ones we love, we can’t control what our bodies do internally, we can’t control what other people say, think or do, and so however s***ty things may get, we’ve got to take control of the only thing we can and do our damndest to make things good within our mindsets again.

old school attitude

As we all should know, life ain’t easy, but a strong mindset and a deeper understanding of ourselves sure as hell does help!

For the benefit of those reading this and in the hopes that it helps you too, after losing Andy last year everything went massively downhill for me and only very few people knew how much so…

I’ve got gradually better with it over the last month but it’s been a process of breaking things down and drawing from my best practices that have made that possible and also going back to that old school; Stoic attitude that we must differentiate between what we can change and what we can’t.

“We can’t change what happens to us, but we can change the way we decide to react to it”


Hopefully, this post makes a bit of sense and can help you over the next 12 months!

I wanted to share this with you all to try and make a bit of a difference and help out those who feel they could benefit from a little bit of breaking things down, analysing and creating a plan of attack.

I wish you a very happy, healthy and successful 2018; thanks for reading!



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