4 Signs of a Quality Coach & Personal Trainer

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As the fitness industry continues to ascend in popularity, the number of trainers and coaches out there also begins to increase… The question is – what trainer/coach do you pick?

With all that choice out there, it pays to know what sort of traits you want to look out for in a personal trainer or sports coach.

Here are 4 signs of a good personal trainer or sports coach, for you to consider when searching for that person to help guide you on your way to achieving your goals…


A good trainer will focus on the fundamentals and can make do with the bare minimum. If you’re looking for a good trainer, then go with someone who keeps things simple and doesn’t rely on gimmicks or the newest pieces of equipment!

If you find someone who can give you a good session without loads of different pieces of equipment then you can be sure that you’re in good hands.

That’s not saying equipment isn’t good by the way…

Equipment for exercise can be incredibly valuable, but it shouldn’t be entirely relied or depended upon!


A great trainer will always have a reason behind the exercise or the drill they’re getting you to perform. Any decent PT will have an understanding of how an exercise will benefit their client and will be able to explain why, in reasonable detail. If a trainer is just giving you random exercises for the sake of it, then that’s your sign to get out of there!

When finding a trainer it’s important to feel safe and in good hands; so a solid understanding of exercises and drills is of utmost importance in making you feel relaxed and in capable hands.

Never be afraid to ask your PT/trainer questions about exercises and their benefit to you and your goals!



There’s nothing worse than walking into a gym and seeing a PT leaning up against one of the machines, looking half arsed about their clients training. Neither is there anything more annoying than observing a trainer on their phone during their clients session. Put simply, that is not good enough!

A good coach/trainer should be enthusiastic about the clients session, after all, it is down to them to help motivate and encourage their client. That won’t happen if the PT doesn’t want to be there.

The trainer’s enthusiasm is really important, as the client feels more inspired to train and give their best efforts if they feel valued!

Enthusiasm must not be mistaken for over enthusiasm however… You don’t want a trainer who confuses you because they’re so excited or hyperactive. A quality PT will meet the client with enthusiasm and display that through their words of encouragement and motivation.

Next time you’re training with a coach/PT or you’re in the gym, observe which coaches show a good amount of enthusiasm!


Good coaches and trainers will openly admit that they do not know everything, but will always be looking to learn more!

No PT should ever make out that they know it all and a quality trainer will continue to research and study their craft.

They should be constantly looking for other; alternative ways to train, as well as researching new exercises and trialling out different workouts and programmes themselves.

Leading by example!

Challenge your trainer by asking them about areas that they may not know about and see if they come back to you a week later with new found knowledge!

The 4 Signs of a Quality Coach & Personal Trainer

There you have it!
4 signs to look out for when looking for a good sports coach or personal trainer…

Hopefully, these little but valuable bits of information will help you out when looking for a coach or trainer.

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