6 Benefits of Training in Warm Weather

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Whilst we’re enjoying a rare week of sun and high temperatures here in the UK, a lot of people I’ve spoken to have said how much easier they find it to train in these warm conditions. However, there’s also been plenty of people who have said quite the opposite and can’t stand training in the height of the British summer! 

With that in mind, I thought I’d put together a quick post to talk about the benefits of training in the warm weather (whilst it’s still here). With the plans to do a follow up post when the winter arrives, to discuss the benefits of training in the cold…


The sun provides us with the best source of Vitamin D that we can get; this vitamin in particular can really effects us and our moods. 

If we are deficient in Vitamin D, our mood will generally suffer. Whereas, if you get enough Vitamin D your mood is likely to be far better! 

Therefore, it makes sense to get out and exercise in the sun and the warm weather, as you’re out in the sunshine for a longer period of time and your body is absorbing the Vitamin D and boosting your mindset at the same time.

This additional Vitamin D, alongside the endorphins which the body releases, act as a double whammy and you end up getting “2 for the price of 1”. Vitamin D and Endorphins to boost your mood… Result!!!


stretching in the warm weather

If that’s even a word, peoples ‘suppleness’ is generally improved during the warmer weather.

That’s because the warmth acts like WD40 on a rusty door handle, helping to loosen your body and muscles without even doing anything different physically. I believe that this is down to your body being more relaxed. 

When it’s a cold; typically British winter, your body is almost always under some sort of tension trying to keep itself warm.

However, in the summer months, your body isn’t as tense and your muscles are generally more relaxed, leaving you to feel loose, more flexible and a lot more supple.

You Get More Time

The excuse of “I don’t have time to exercise” kind of gets thrown away when Spring/Summer comes around, because there are more daylight hours in the day. Therefore, you kind of end up having more time to actually get outside and get active. 

Whether that be earlier in the mornings, or later on in the evenings, the sunlight is hanging around for longer for 6 months and so it’s best to make good use of that!

Also, it’s a lot easier to get yourself up and moving when it’s light, sunny and warm outside…

You Sweat More

warm stair reps
Sweaty & Sweaty-er @ the bottom of the Santa Monica Stairs

The hotter it is, the more you sweat. That’s because it’s the body’s process of cooling itself down…

Some people can’t stand sweating (my mum and one of my clients, Allie spring to mind when I discuss this point), but for those of us who do, this is a perk of training when it’s hot!

The reason we generally enjoy sweating, is because when the weather is hot, then it cools us down and makes you feel a lot more satisfied after a good workout.

Also, the fact that you sweat more means that you can drink more too!

By drink, I mean water by the way… Not alcohol. 😉

Warm Conditions Help to Increase Blood Plasma Volume

Here’s a bit of Scientific one, but I’ll keep it simple!

Training in the warmth over the summer months, can actually increase the level of blood plasma that we have within our blood. In doing this, the body will become more capable in a cardiovascular sense. Essentially meaning that we become fitter! 

This is due to the demand that the heat places on the body. In turn, this added demand encourages the blood cells to become more efficient as it needs to be pumped through to the working muscles at a higher rate.

*Blood Plasma, by the way, is just another component of the blood

Less Hassle

Training in warm weather requires less faffing about. We don’t have to worry as much about putting on several layers before we head to the gym or head out onto the road to get in the miles. We also, don’t have to worry (very often) about wearing waterproofs or taking spare clothes incase ours get drenched in rain water or mud!

When the weather is hot, it’s just a lot less hassle to get out there and to get moving. Freeing up more time for other, important things that we have to get done throughout the day.


So there you have it – 6 Benefits of Training in Warm Weather!

Nice and simple, with no complicated explanations. Just how we like it…

If the sun is still shining and the weather is still nice and warm, then get out there and make the most of it. If you’re not a fan of training in the summer weather, then maybe, just maybe, this post will convince you to at least try and enjoy it when it comes around!

Thanks for reading,

Tyler. 🙂


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