A Sunday Morning Hike

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With the sun beaming through my window and the sound of the birds tweeting outside, I was wide awake at 7:30am on my Sunday off (no change there) and ready to set off on a good old hike, something I hadn’t done for a long while!

After thinking about it for so long, and after a month or so of good weather, I finally decided to go out and make the most of it, accompanied with my map and bergen, on a long walk through the local Surrey countryside.


Nothing does my head in, more than being stuck inside on a nice day twiddling my thumbs and ending up doing exactly what I hate the idea of and just scrolling through facebook all day long.

To me, that’s such a waste, but like many other people – I just get stuck for what to do. However, this time I planned/prepared myself in advance, picked a route and made sure that I stuck to it!

Crooksbury Hill and Seale

I’ve got a book containing some local routes; so I started off at Binton Woods and followed the route all the way through Seale, The Sands and the North Downs. Taking a few moments to appreciate the view atop Crooksbury Hill when I reached the trig point.

Although not intended to be anything more than an enjoyable walk and a bit of time away from technology, the route I took meant that the walk ended up being a bit of a training session, with a mixture of terrain and some steep hills.


(Always love fitting in an extra training session!)

Along the walk, I had plenty of time to think, to be grateful for what I have and to take in all the sights that I didn’t even realise were only a few miles from my door…

Initially, I intended to not get my phone out at all on this walk. However, I was inspired so much by all the views around me, to talk about it all in a blog post, that I had to get it out on the odd occasion and capture what I was lucky enough to see!

Pictures don’t really do the sights that I saw justice. Although, the pictures aren’t all that important to me in reality.

What is more important is that I took it was able to stand still for a few moments and take it all in through my own eyes. Meaning that I have the most vivid images stored up inside my head and my memories.



Refreshment in Solitude

It’s certainly refreshing taking some time out for yourself, walking out in nature and, to an extent, shutting off from the outside world and the common distractions of day-to-day life.

I’ve always enjoyed going out and hiking through nature, as it fills me with the sense of adventure that you used to have as a kid and it’s pretty peaceful (depending upon where you walk).

It’s also good, in my opinion, to do something totally different to your usual training regime.


As someone who trains for a combat sport, I’m usually always in the gym putting in the rounds or out getting in my road work and conditioning. Although I love doing this, there’s no harm in doing something completely different and adding in some more variety!

If I’m not training myself, I’m training others and if I’m not doing that, then I’m writing and working on that side of my career. That’s why this walk was so refreshing and a real change of pace for me…

Getting away from the “daily grind”, and simply getting out in nature, on my own and taking my time to do something I haven’t done in a long time.

Today was a good day!

To Conclude…

Going on a long walk or hiking through the woods can be a really refreshing thing to do, particularly if you find yourself bored, at a loose end or needing a short respite from your daily routine.

My walk this weekend was approximately 6 miles long and I was out for around 2 hours, carrying a light load in my bergen. These few miles gave me a real good opportunity to think, explore some amazing places and reset my mind before an intense week.

Hiking or going on a long walk isn’t revolutionary; neither is it complex or anything new, but in a world where a lot of people find themselves looking for more, sometimes it’s good to just remind people of the simple pleasures in life.


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