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This week, another very close friend of mine began his treatment for cancer, a couple of days prior I went to the hospital with him and his wife to do my best and show him the support, care and attention that he’s shown me over the few years that I’ve known him now.

Having already experienced this with myself and some close friends and family members, I wanted to be there to hear what the consultant and nurses had to say and to also be able to help explain everything in a more simple way, free of all the jargon and technical terms used by the medical professionals.

Although the drugs are different, the cycles are different and the type of cancer is different – one thing remains the same… The emotion of it all.

It is never easy; it’s never something you can just accept and brush off like you might do with a cold or a cough, cancer makes you face the brutal reality of life and all of a sudden your head is spinning, your thoughts are here, there and everywhere and everything seems a lot more important all of a sudden.

My good friend is more like family; in fact both he and I consider one another family and when I heard him say that to his consultant and nurses, it filled me with a tremendous sense of pride, that I had a special place in this persons heart – a heart of a fighter, a heart that will battle this head on and refuse to be beaten… He is an experienced boxer after all, who’s been in this game near enough his whole life – any old school boxer is a force to be reckoned with and so this form of Leukaemia stands no chance.

He’s not the sort of man to moan about his problems and he is a very private person; so I asked his permission before I posted this, but he is a Hero to myself and many others and the stance that he’s taken towards this new opponent is really inspiring; it never ceases to amaze me how some people can tackle life and face its hurdles and adversities with an almost bulletproof resistance.

He and I have been working together solidly for the past year and within this year we’ve developed a really special bond and he’s helped to develop me into a far better boxer, kick boxer, fighter, athlete and human being, it’s amazing how an hour or two a week around such a strong character can influence you so much and inspire you to reach new levels.

The man I’m speaking of is one of the men who train and teach me: “The General” AKA Mr Steve Fox.

Steve is a well known face and personality amongst local boxing and with over 200 boxing contests under his belt as well as his Professional Boxing Trainers Licence (BBBoC) – he’s a man who knows boxing like the back of his hand and knows what he’s talking about!

I’ve been fortunate to have him in my corner throughout my career and there’s a very calming aura that comes from Steve before you go into battle and anyone that’s had the pleasure and honour of having Steve in their corner will know exactly what I mean!

I just wanted to write a little post about how much I love Steve and how much he’s done for so many other people. Including myself – he’s helped out a ridiculous amount of people within the sport of boxing and kick boxing and produced/helped to produce so many champions, I would be here forever trying to list them all…

I’ve had so many great memories with Steve so far, such as countless hilarious training sessions (we fart a lot), basketball games in LA where he used his elbows to his advantage, taking selfie’s whilst he’s asleep on the plane and all sorts of choas and tears of laughter in Whole Foods in America… I look forward to many more!

So Steve, from the bottom of my heart thank you for being such a great person and a great coach – you have all of the love and support from everyone who knows you, inside and outside the world of combat sport.

Always here for you Steve & always in your corner. x

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