The Benefit of Injury

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Just over 5 weeks ago, when I broke my arm, I was gutted. I couldn’t see any benefit what-so-ever in the immediate aftermath of my fractured ulna (aside from the fact that I didn’t have to make weight for a while!).

However, as time has gone on, I’ve learnt to work around it. I now see that as much as it may have appeared a hinderance at the time, this injury has actually been of real benefit to me in a number of ways…

Sure, the actual injury itself has stopped me from progressing in certain aspects physically. And yes, it also means that I won’t be boxing/kickboxing competitively for a considerable amount of time. But, what it has done has given me much more reason and opportunity to slow down physically and focus on a lot of other areas of my game.


I benefit from injuries by spending more time learningSince my injury, I’ve used this time of being less physically active, to get in a good chunk of research. Research on nutrition and exercise in particular!

So, whilst the injury may have stopped me from applying all that I’ve learnt to myself, I can apply it to help my clients. As well as to plan/structure ways to use it myself when I am back to full fitness.

The nutrition side of things however has been pretty interesting as I’ve still been able to apply it to myself right here and now. The way I’ve used my nutrition feels like it’s been working well, particularly over the past week where I’ve mixed things up a little more drastically.

Over the last week my arm feels great in comparison to the past few weeks since the break; so one can only assume my findings on nutrition may have helped play a bit of a role in this noticeable difference!

A Benefit to Mindset

Before the injury occurred, I had been having a bit of a dip mentally. Most likely from a very challenging 12 months with a lot of little events niggling away at me. As well as the significant loss of my great friend Andy…

However, after surgery and the initial slump in happiness and motivation, I have managed to use this time to work things out, clear some things up and set a few goals.

Therefore, another benefit of injury for me, is the fact that it forced me to stop. To slow down and face the pressing issues that had been bothering and affecting me throughout the course of the past year.

Injury has also re-vitalised my mindset to an extent. Feeding me with more motivation and desire to come back fitter, stronger and more determined than before!


Stretching after injury - to benefit the musclesAll of this study and the fresher mindset, is helping me put together a bit of a game-plan and structure…

Not only for what I’m working on now, but also for further in the future. For example, I’m currently working on a training programme focused purely on the athletic development of my lower body and core. As well as the re-introduction of my skill based boxing/kick boxing sessions (left hand only for now!).

Whilst working my way through this I’m working on putting together the second phase. This phase consists of gently rehabilitating and strengthening up my ‘broken/repairing’ arm.

Then after this, I will be really looking at my training as a whole and breaking it down. Looking at how to change certain elements, freshen it up and become both a better athlete and fighter.

Overall Reflection

It’s not been an easy road to ‘recovery’ so far.

Initially I was really down in the dumps and lacked any motivation to train. However, the discipline that I’ve learnt – since I took up boxing aged 13 – ended up coming through. Helping me to get my ass into gear.

As a boxing/kickboxing coach and personal trainer, the broken arm has been a challenge to work around. Particularly as I’ve not been able to physically demonstrate specific shots or exercises.

However, it’s forced me to work more on the way that I communicate to/with my clients and it’s actually made me into a better trainer, in my opinion (I’ll leave that verdict down to my clients!).


Although I’ve mentioned it before – the fact that injury helps us work on other areas of our game – in my previous post ‘Making the Most of Injuries’. I just wanted to give a few examples of how injury has worked and been of benefit to me. Despite feeling that it was going to be quite the opposite at first…

As it says in June 1st’s page of ‘The Daily Stoic’:

Our progress can be impeded or disrupted, but the mind can always be changed – it retains the power to redirect the path.

Marcus Aurelius bust - the benefit of stoicismOccasionally, things are going to happen which may disrupt our plans. It is, however, down to us to crack on and make the best of our current circumstance.


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  • This is just going to make you an even greater trainer. Now you’re applying the science of physiology and anatomy to exercising and rehabbing. Your clients that are coming back from injuries or have deficiencies will benefit.

    • 100% Cory! Definitely a great benefit of this injury is the knowledge I’m gaining and applying to my craft

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