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British Boxing is currently booming a the moment, with shows live on television most weekends.

This alongside the reputation of superstars like Anthony Joshua, means that the sport is only likely to see a surge in popularity over the next few years!

Luckily for me, I’ve been asked to be a part of an exciting new project, lead by my friend Darren Rees…

This project involves me being part of the team on a new podcast, which will go live on September 7th.

That podcast is: “British Boxing Talk“.

On the British Boxing Talk podcast, we will be discussing all things relevant to boxing.

From the latest fights and newly made matches, as well as bringing up some controversial topics like how much we pay for PPV events, governing bodies and the general politics behind the sport.

With special guests, including well-known professional fighters, promoters and trainers, our Podcast is sure to both entertain, educate and enlighten boxing fans around the world.

We plan on bringing you all of the latest information, as well as certain facts, figures and opinions of the goings on, in the boxing circuit.

Be sure to tune in on Friday September 7th, to hear our first episode and be sure to subscribe to the podcast on whatever platform you use, whilst following our outlets on Social Media! (Links are all down below)

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