Canelo Vs. “GGG” II – Fight Predictions

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With Canelo Alvarez and “Triple G” weighing in last night; with the Mexican getting right up in Golovkin’s face, the rematch certainly has a different aura surrounding it…

In their first meeting, both Golovkin and Canelo were polite and respectful towards one another. Conducting themselves well, shaking hands, appreciating one another for their skills and their achievements but this time around, it’s far from the same.

Initially disgusted and embarrassed by the P.E.D scandal that Canelo was caught up in, “GGG” no longer respects his Mexican adversary – not as an athlete or person at least.

In the mind of Golovkin, Canelo has displayed a real flaw as a fighter – in that he has cheated and in turn, damaged the reputation of the sport, which “GGG” has dedicated almost his entire life to.

Whilst Golovkin is entitled to feel disappointed and simultaneously disgusted by Canelo’s clenbuterol scandal, it would seem that the Mexican fighter caught up in it all, feels that what “GGG” has said is out of order and also, in his and his teams opinion, very disrespectful.

This was evident at the weigh-in as Canelo stormed up and put his forehead right up; towards the Kazakh’s face in an attempt to push him backward and show his disdain.

Alvarez Vs. “GGG” II

It is clear to me, that Canelo is full of contempt for “GGG” and that he wants to hurt him and make a statement in an attempt to re-attach value to his name once more, after his reputation lay in tatters thanks to those 2 positive drugs tests.

Who Wins?

After watching the weigh-in last night, I’m left even more unsure as to who I think is going to win!

I have two stand out predictions; one different prediction for each man winning the fight:

  • Canelo wins – Canelo has a chip on his shoulder and a point to prove. His clear disdain for “GGG” was evident at the weigh-in last night and he looks like a man ready to go to war. If Canelo wins, then for me he starts fast and looks to be incredibly explosive and attempts to catch Golovkin cold. He either shocks “GGG” and gets him out of there early (which with Golovkin’s chin is so unlikely) or outpoints him down the stretch to secure a close points victory.

Sep 14, 2018; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Alvarez weighs in for a middleweight world title boxing match against Gennady Golovkin (not pictured) at T-Mobile Arena. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

  • Golovkin wins – “GGG” applies consistent pressure, but starts off a little quicker. He varies up the attack a little more and begins to work the body, gradually waring down Canelo and taking him out within the final 4 rounds. “GGG” could win on points, but after the look in his eyes yesterday evening, I don’t think he wants it to go that way… He’s looking to win and make a statement!

Sep 14, 2018; Las Vegas, NV, USA; Gennady Golovkin weighs in for a middleweight world title boxing match against Alvarez (not pictured) at T-Mobile Arena. Mandatory Credit: Joe Camporeale-USA TODAY Sports

These are only my main two predictions. I have so many other thoughts, ideas and predictions, but I wont’t list them or else we’ll be there all day!

First Fight Vs. Second Fight

Amidst all of the controversy with the score cards and the clenbuterol scandal, I think we have slightly lost sight of the brilliance of the first fight.

Despite the fact that people may say Canelo ran, we still got a thrilling fight, an exciting fight and a contest that will be remembered for many, many years to come.

Also, whether or not you think Canelo ran, there’s no questioning the skills he showed when he did let his hands go and trade with “GGG”.

Alvarez & Golovkin both land simultaneously in their first meeting in Las Vegas

I have no doubt that the second meeting between the two will prove just as; if not even more exciting. Particularly with the bad blood between the two!

“GGG” demonstrated first time around, just how strong, resilient and well-conditioned he is; on this occasion I feel like we’re going to see a little bit more variation from him.

This will mix nicely with what I can only imagine will be a more aggressive Canelo…

I predict fireworks!

Where to Watch It…

Your Predictions!

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  • GGG seems to be a fighter that’s about the business and the integrity of doing business. When Canelo failed the drug test GGG seemed to really take take that personal. I think GGG will take this in the seventh round via TKO. Hopefully he will fight Errol Spence Jr. next.

    • Wow Cory I only just saw this! The fight sure turned out differently to what we were expecting!! Hope you’re well man – sorry I only just saw this

  • I was shocked at how much pressure Canelo Alvarez put on GGG. First time I’ve ever seen GGG get backed down before. Not sure if I want to see an epic trilogy or Alvarez vs. Spence Jr.. I think Alvarez vs. Terrance Crawford would be good also.

    • Alvarez Vs. Crawford is not one I even considered – especially as Canelo is middleweight now. Would be interesting though!!

      True Mexican style from Canelo this time around though. What a great fight

      • The boxing world is in a good place. Other than the fighters we have discussed so far, you have Mikey Garcia, Keith Thurman, Shawn Porter, Deontay Wilder, Leo Santa Cruz, and Vasyl Lomachenko. There are great fighters all over the place. You are so close to the sport that you probably know some really good up and comers that the world doesn’t know about yet.

        • Definitely Cory! I’m now part of a boxing podcast too by the way. If you ever get the chance check us out on iTunes/Google Play or Spotify – British Boxing Talk is the name

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