Canelo Vs. “GGG” Rematch – the Scorecards Are In

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The good news is that there was no Adalaide Byrd scorecard this time around, however, the boxing community were left split over who won the rematch this past weekend.

Whilst the fight was similar in aspects to their first encounter and entirely different at the same time, the rematch was certainly entertaining and yet again, hard to score…

Who I Thought Won

Initially, I felt that “GGG” had won the fight.

However, once taken into account the commentary and the excitement of seeing the fight live, I forced myself to watch it back.

This time with the sound muted and my mind a lot calmer than the first time around.

Scoring this fight was a real difficult task and as per usual, I scored a lot of rounds 10/10 (a draw) because in my opinion, neither fighter did enough to warrant winning certain rounds.

Why Is It so Difficult to Score This Fight?

“GGG” and Canelo are fighters that cancel one another out…

Canelo’s explosive and eye-catching punches cut out Golovkin’s consistent; precise jab. Whilst “GGG”s work-rate cancels out the short bursts of work that Canelo puts in.

These two warriors are so opposite, in terms of style, that judging their fights is a near impossible task.

The way that I score rounds is that I essentially compile a small tally list in my head, whoever does something impressive gets a point and I repeat this for the entire length of the round.

Nine times out of ten, whilst watching the rematch back, I found myself with even points for each man at the end of the rounds.

For that reason, my initial thoughts on who won have not changed as such, I still thought “GGG” did enough throughout the fight to knick it.

However, I am now more accepting of the decision.

Watching the Rematch Back

I am more “accepting of the decision” because having watched the rematch back, it’s clear that it could’ve gone either way or even ended in yet another draw…

As much as I think that “GGG” stands less and less of a chance with every few months that pass and therefore, less chance with every rematch – due to him ageing (already 36 years old) – I do think that this rivalry calls for a third fight.

This fight needs a trilogy to put it all to rest…

The majority believe that Golovkin won the first fight. Although he was robbed of the victory there!

This time around Canelo got the win.

So, in my mind, it’s essentially 1-1, although it is not “officially”.

However, a final fight between these two should put to bed who the superior middleweight is.

Let’s see what happens and let’s just be grateful that these two elite fighters put on another great show!

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