GP’s, Persistence & Taking Control of Your Own Health

Setting the Scene Back as early as 2012, I was having a lot of health problems. Problems that I initially thought were pretty minor and that were simply part of […]

Looking Back – the Power of the Human Body

The other day I picked up a parcel from the post office. That parcel contained every single bit of information about the cancer and illness I once had, that includes […]

5 Years On – Cancer, Remission & Me

Yesterday, on Thursday 16th August 2018, I received the long awaited news that I was officially cancer free. After a year of treatment and 5 years of subsequent scans, I […]

The Mental Benefits of Having Cancer

As my final set of scans and check-ups approach, I look back on these past 5 years… Thinking of all the things, both good and bad, that have happened since […]

The Problem with Veganism

Veganism… It’s seeing a surge in popularity, with a lot of people deciding to ditch animal products altogether and a lot of others just deciding to reduce the amount of […]

Exercising with Cancer

Exercise and cancer don’t appear to go hand-in-hand when you think of the two as separate entities. However, exercising whilst you’ve got cancer and are having treatment for it can […]

The Sunshine & Where It May Take Me

The sunshine is a pretty rare thing in the UK, but the recent spell of good weather we’ve just had here has inspired me to go out in search of more and explore/travel the world.

It’s just a vision right now, but a vision I would love to turn into a reality!

The Penultimate One

Another 6 months and another scan – this should be my penultimate visit now if everything goes according to plan. (Wow, what a poetic introduction…) I drove up up to […]

Always In Your Corner

This week, another very close friend of mine began his treatment for cancer, a couple of days prior I went to the hospital with him and his wife to do […]