Motivation – The Unreliable Friend

Motivation. It’s a thing in life that’s there one minute, gone the next and can never actually be relied upon! You can go to bed motivated that tomorrow you’re going […]

A Look Back at Former English Contender – Kirkland Laing

At the age of just 17, he (Kirkland Laing) won the ABA featherweight championships (1972), before turning professional in 1975 and picking up the British title 4 years later. His […]

Why is Movement So Important?

Movement is such an important thing for us all – both for mental and physical reasons – but it can often be taken for granted! It’s one of those things […]

The Problem with Veganism

Veganism… It’s seeing a surge in popularity, with a lot of people deciding to ditch animal products altogether and a lot of others just deciding to reduce the amount of […]

Week 1: Part 1 – Post-Op​

One week on from the operation to try and fix my broken arm and I’ve pretty much got full mobility back into it. There’s still a fair bit of soreness […]

The Sunshine & Where It May Take Me

The sunshine is a pretty rare thing in the UK, but the recent spell of good weather we’ve just had here has inspired me to go out in search of more and explore/travel the world.

It’s just a vision right now, but a vision I would love to turn into a reality!

Check Yo Self

“You better check yo self before you wreck yo self” – I probably don’t strike many as the sort of person who listens to Ice Cube and songs about AK47’s […]

Fake Selfies

We live in a time and in a world now, where we are bombarded with selfies and images of people when everything is at it’s best, or at least ‘appears’ […]