Why I Gave up on Being a “Vegan”

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Don’t just read the title! Make sure you read through this blog post properly and see what I’m saying first! I’m not abandoning “veganism” entirely, however, I would no longer consider myself a “vegan”, but let me tell you why…

The Hassle

When you bring up the fact that you’re vegan, it quite often gets mocked and/or questioned, or you get that boring question of “where do you get your protein though!?”.

(Protein comes from a variety of sources, not just meat by the way…)

As well as the hassle you can often get from other people, it can also be a real hassle when you’re going out with friends and/or family.

For instance, I’ll ask for a vegan menu 9/10, because I’d much rather eat in alignment with vegan ingredients, however, places often don’t have specific vegan menus and so it can take away the pleasure of eating out.

I still don’t eat meat. However, if I’m out for dinner and there’s something vegetarian on the menu (which usually means it includes some milk/cheese) then I’ll get that.

That’s because it’s still mostly in line with my values and although it contains a little bit of animal product, once in a while it won’t significantly effect me or my health – which is the main reason I took up a more plant based diet anyway!

The Label/Stereotype

Quite often, vegan’s are looked at as hipsters, hippies or just people that want to stand out or be a little different.

(You all know what I mean!)

Although having been to a lot of vegan places and having seen a lot of vegan people, I realise this is not always the case, but most people still have that preconceived notion that vegans are weird.

For me, it’s just easier to not “identify” yourself as anything. Or else people jump to conclusions anyway.

Also, a lot of the “extreme vegans” that I mentioned in one of my previous posts “The Problem with Veganism” would probably attack me for the fact that I will very, very occasionally eat something vegetarian.

So sometimes it’s best to just stay “schtum” (nothing)!


As mentioned previously, sometimes there’s no vegan options or there’s not much choice/variation if there is!

The other week for instance, I went out for a meal for my mum’s birthday and the only vegan option they had was some sort of salad. I’d already eaten a salad for lunch and didn’t fancy another one for dinner.

After a while, the lack of choice/options began to annoy me as I was constantly finding something that I liked/wanted only to realise that I couldn’t have it due to there being a small amount of egg/milk in the ingredients.

By considering myself as someone who just eats more of a plant based diet, I’m not limited and I can eat with more flexibility. I’m not restrained as much as before and I feel that I’m still receiving all of the health benefits that I did when I ate solely vegan anyway!

So What Exactly Am I? Vegan, Veggie or Just a Bit of a Turd?

I am nothing in particular when it comes to food/diet, I’m just a dude that eats well…

A predominantly plant based diet, is the back-bone of what I eat, with the very occasional bit of cheese and/or milk that’s included as an ingredient or part of a meal.

I still eat a vegan-like diet, 99% of the time, but won’t identify myself as a vegan as such anymore.

plant based not necessarily vegan

For all of the reasons listed above I think it makes sense…

It will probably make life a bit easier for me too as I don’t need to try and explain myself every time that I go out for a meal; nor does it upset anyone that is massively invested in the ideas and beliefs behind veganism!

I guess one thing that I’ve learned from the past year of being a “vegan” is that as soon as we label ourselves as specifically one thing, it can attach limits to us. Limits in a lot of cases are good, but in other cases, they can be negative.

With all the knowledge I’ve acquired in regards to plant based eating, I feel that I can eat without too much worry once again (regarding my health), and I can hopefully avoid all the hassle that comes with being vegan in the process!

Have a Think & Let Me Know!

Have a think about this post and please let me know your thoughts/feelings on the subject.

Do you agree/disagree with a predominantly plant based diet?

Can you understand my reasons for no longer “identifying” as a vegan?

Do you think that labelling yourself as a “meat eater”, “vegan”, “vegetarian”, etc. is a bad/limiting idea?

Let me know!

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