How Boxing changed my life…

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Today, I thought I’d take it back to 8 years ago and it is around this sort of time that I began boxing, just before turning 14… I never would’ve guessed that so many years later I’d still be doing it and that it basically would’ve become my life and my livelihood!

I’ve been very lucky to have had countless opportunities and experiences as a result of being a part of A.R.D. Training Camp and I have also been incredibly lucky to have met the sort of people I have and to have made the friends that I have over these 8 eventful years.

Why did I choose boxing?

Boxing was inititally an outlet for the anger and resentment that I felt at the world, after losing my dad at the beginning of 2009 and it was something that I poured my heart and soul into ever since my first session.

As soon as I left the gym for the first time, I knew that this was what I wanted to do and that this was what was going to help me get through the death of my father and keep me on the right path!

Staying on track

As many of you know, in 2013 my boxing was put on hold in a competitive respect, as I was diagnosed with cancer and it was during this time that boxing really helped me through and that the boxing community pulled together to show their support – something of which I will be forever grateful for and I will always remember.

Not only is boxing often given a bad press, but it is also often misrepresented by some agressive and not so nice people who like to use it as a way of intimidating others and/or inflating their own ego, however, when you get to know boxing and the community, you get to realise that the people who do it properly are actually often very sincere and decent people.

Boxing for me, has always given me an outlet and a focus, for a rage, anger and frustration that has been inside of me with the passing of my dad, my own illness and obviously with the recent passing of one of the greatest human beings I ever met – Andrew Pearce.

Boxing has stopped me from going off track, coming off the rails and has stopped me from succumbing to the hands of depression and wanting to give up on life, when it seemed so close to being over…

Not only did the sport carry me through the hard times, but it’s also provided me with a chance to help other people and to try and achieve success within something I love and enjoy doing.

It’s a lot more than just throwing punches

Boxing has taught me so much about myself, my strengths, weaknesses and my goals and dreams and it has lead me to explore other areas of my life too.

It has also given me opportunities to travel to places I never thought I’d go, to meet athlete’s that I never thought I’d meet and to find friends that I would’ve otherwise never knew existed…

Boxing has not only changed my life, but it has shaped my life and taught me most of what I know now!

Everything for a reason

So, despite some negative things that you may hear about boxing and people who inaccurately represent the sport, or whatever preconcieved opinions you may have on the sport, please be aware that boxing not only changed but has helped shape my life and my personality.

I am only one of many, many people that boxing has had this effect on and for every person who feels that they may need some sort of outlet – boxing is a great; physical place to start!

Thankfully for me, I found A.R.D. and my coach Andre just at the right time; I feel that it has helped me through everything that life has thrown my way and that everything happened for a reason.
Boxing is more than just a sport, it is also a way of life!

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