How Should You Train?

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“How should I train?”

That seems to be one of the most commonly asked question within the fitness and exercise industry. It’s a fair one and one that has no simple or perfect answer!

The truth of the matter is, regardless of what people say works, you have to work it out for yourself.

It all depends on your goals and your ambitions, as well as your dedication, discipline and mindset.

I, nor anyone else, can tell you exactly how you should train.

That’s because there are so many determining factors and no set-in-stone method for what works best.

However, hopefully this post can help you clarify the sort of thinking behind what suits you best!

Goals – What Is It You Want to Achieve?train to achieve your goals

This is always the first step of anything. What are your goals and what is it that you want to achieve?

Once you’ve clarified in your mind (and preferably with pen and paper) what your goals are, then you can begin to decipher the code and work out what sorts of training you need to be doing.

If you want to pack on a tonne of muscle and get into bodybuilding, then it makes very little sense for you to start doing 10 mile runs.

Whereas, if you want to be a marathon runner, it makes very little sense to pump iron for hours upon hours in the gym… You get the gist!

What’s Your Idea of Fun?train with boxing

This is equally as important as setting your goals, because let’s face it, if you don’t enjoy the type of training you’re doing, you’re never going to stick to a plan/programme.

If your idea of fun is similar to mine, then you’ll like punching and kicking things and circuit training.

However, that’s not everyone’s cup of tea!

So despite how beneficial this sort of training may be in relation to your goals, it’s not worth doing – as you won’t stick with it!

Fun is the most important part of training in my opinion and if you don’t have fun with it, then it’s pointless really.

Doing something you enjoy will almost make it seem effortless (to a certain extent) and eventually results will follow.

Return of Investment

Training requires time, effort and in a lot of cases, money.

Whether you’ve got a personal trainer, a sports coach, a gym membership or you’ve bought your own equipment, there’s almost always an expense (unless you train bodyweight exercises only and use benches or other structures outside).

Financially then, you have to have a look at what you’re getting out of your training…

Are you seeing the desired results? Are you enjoying yourself? Do you feel like you’re developing?

If you answer ‘yes’ to these questions, then you’re seeing a quality return of investment. If ‘no’, then clearly you’re not!

* You must also consider how much effort and time you’re dedicating to your training too *

What Are You Learning?

Just because you’re being told/instructed what to do – if you have a coach/trainer – it does not mean that you shouldn’t be learning too!

If you’re training and not learning, then all that you’ve done is only worth 50% of it’s total value.

You’ve performed the exercises/skills/movements, but if you’ve not learned why/how to do these things correctly, then you’re missing half the point.

Exercise and training is as much about education and learning, as it is doing and improving your health/fitness.

How Do I Decide What to Do Then?

The only way you can really decide is by researching different sports and/or types of training and having a go…

If you want to begin exercising or you want to vary up the way that you’re training already, then you’ve simply got to try new things!train with gymnastics

If I had a £ for every person that said they “never thought they’d do boxing” (but ended up absolutely loving it!) then I would be a very rich guy right now…

That’s because people often don’t know – until they’ve tried something – just how much they enjoy it.

My personal advice to you, when it comes to training, would be to get searching the internet, read blogs, watch videos and discover all the types of training that are out there…

Whether it’s circuit training, boxing, kickboxing, gymnastics, body-building, martial arts, tennis or aerobics, there is so much variety and choice that you’ve got to choose from.

You never know what you might enjoy until you try it. It’s as simple as that!

So, How Should I Train?

Before you decide on how you should train, consider all the things that I’ve mentioned above:

  • Set Goals – be as specific as you can as it makes things clearer and more attainable
  • Research different sports/types of training
  • Try out different sports/types of training
  • See which one(s) you enjoy the most
  • From there, see which sports or types of training you think will give you the most return of investment (mentally, socially and physically) and value for money
  • Get stuck in, work hard and make sure that you’re learning from whatever it is that you’re doing. That way you can continuously improve!

Once you’ve followed all of these steps, you’ll soon work out how you should train.

It will also become an ever evolving process, as you learn and experiment with a variety of exercises and different types of training.

Adapt and adjust along the way to create your own ethos of training too.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help or advice from others who may be more experienced in their specific fields!


For any queries or questions that you may have regarding this blog post, please e-mail me at – I’m more than happy to help you work out what sort of training would suit you and your lifestyle best!

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