A Look Back at Former English Contender – Kirkland Laing


At the age of just 17, he (Kirkland Laing) won the ABA featherweight championships (1972), before turning professional in 1975 and picking up the British title 4 years later. His unusual and unorthodox style made him exciting to watch, as did the unpredictability of his state of mind…

Born in Jamaica, on the 20th June 1954, Kirkland Laing moved to Nottingham and grew up there as a child, before relocating to Hackney in East London. 

In an interview many years ago, Laing claimed that his mother had a bad accident when she was 9 months pregnant with him, which affected him physically and mentally, leaving him as he described in his own words as “handicapped”. 

This accident may go part way to explain the internal conflict that Laing has gone on to face for his entire life, as well as the inability to fulfil his truest potential. 

One look through Kirkland Laing’s boxing record shows you how up and down his career was…


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