Why is Movement So Important?


Movement is such an important thing for us all – both for mental and physical reasons – but it can often be taken for granted!

It’s one of those things that a lot of the time, you don’t appreciate until you have the ability to move hindered or taken away from you. Obviously, as a boxer/kickboxer and PT, I’m pretty active every day.  But with my recent injury I’ve had to reduce the intensity and quantity of my own sessions.

However, one thing I’ve focused on is getting in some sort of movement each and every day. Whether that be a walk with the dog, walking to work or stretching off in the morning.

movement can be as simple as walking the dog

I’ve done this not only because I’ve not wanted to lose my base fitness, but because of the mental clarity movement provides, as well as the simple health benefits which light exercise can provide!

Even before this injury, I always felt a lot worse physically and mentally if I spent a day being like a vegetable in bed. Drawing from previous experience too, when having chemotherapy, I always tried to get some sort of movement or exercise in because of the positive effect it had all round on my mood and the way I felt physically.

Therefore, I’ve put together a few simple bits of information on the benefits of simple exercise and movement. Hopefully they’ll make you re-consider the importance of movement.

A Natural Mood Booster

Exercise naturally boosts your mood because of a release of something known as endorphins.  These endorphins encourage positive feelings within, by working with the brain receptors and therefore, with exercise your mood is naturally boosted!

Lower Risk of Disease

It’s a massive thing for me personally, but it should also be a hugely motivating factor for everybody else! Disease is obviously a major inconvenience. Not only does it have the potential to ruin a persons quality of life, as well those of their family and friends, but it is just an all round horrible experience for those involved.

That’s why it’s worth putting in a little bit of light movement every day…

If it can help to reduce the likelihood of disease cropping up, then it surely goes without saying that it’s worth it!

movement = impress the doctors

Better General Health

In general any form of exercise will improve a persons health markers. Helping to manage bodyweight and lower blood pressure. Whilst helping to increase blood flow and slow the deterioration of muscle and/or bone – that generally comes with ageing. 

Yet another benefit to getting into the habit of regular exercise!

Mental Clarity

Exercise often makes people feel a lot clearer mentally. You will hear it a lot, particularly with runners, who say that whenever they go on a long run they feel a lot clearer within their minds. (This is commonly described as the ‘runners high’.)

running movement

The reason for this mental clarity. It is said that exercises changes the brains thinking skills. Whilst helping to protect the brains memory.

The brain is a muscle and so regular, moderate exercise and movement helps to preserve its health and functionality. Whilst fast walking a few times a week can help to reduce general wear and tear of the brain. General movement and workouts focused on balance and co-ordination can also help to preserve it’s functionality and structure.

Movement & Exercise – An Overview

Based on my own personal experience, from the courses I’ve done and the materials that I’ve studied, I can safely say that regular exercise and daily movement is a must!

Whether that movement be very basic like extending your leg if you’re refined to a chair, doing rotational movements with the arms or holding some simple stretches for a few minutes. Or whether that exercise be more intense, like running 5 miles, working hard in the gym or boxing for 12 rounds.

Any form of exercise and/or movement is too beneficial to ignore and is too great a gift to simply dismiss and overlook!

The benefits of daily exercise are too significant for us not to take action in our own lives and commit that little bit of time each day to getting that little bit more active.

walk in nature - movement

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