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Psychology has been a big part of my life for the past 9 years.

The whole concept of psychology was brought to my attention when I started boxing. The ability to use the mind to improve your performance, attitude and life overall has fascinated me ever since.

Andre uses psychology to win titlesMy coach, Andre Daltrey, gained his Psychology degree in 1999 – using all that he’d learnt during his course to help him win the European Kickboxing Championships in that same year. Followed by a World Title a year later.

Listening to him over the years and practicing a lot of the tricks, tools and advice he’s given me, has always made a difference and had a significant impact on me.

Whether that be in a sporting context or in my personal life.

However, a few years ago now, Andre developed something which we call ‘HellWeek’ for short, but it is really called the Physical & Psychological Warfare Training Course (PPWTC)…

It’s a bit of a mouthful, but it’s also a bit of a life changer!

Every single time the courses have been run, they’ve been deemed as life changing and the visible transformation in the participants is nothing short of both dramatic and inspiring.

Psychology in Practice

Throughout the 3 day course, the candidates go through a number of sessions which are known as “evolutions”. Evolutions being because with each one, you grow as a person. Either physically, psychologically or both!

psychology crawl mud
After the 1 mile mud crawl

Each evolution has some sort of meaning behind it.

The psychological ones are often used to help prepare the candidates for the upcoming physical evolutions.

Which, if tackled with an ordinary/generic mindset, would probably seem impossible to do.

There have been some incredibly hard physical evolutions on previous courses.

These include: 100x100m sprints, 1 mile leopard crawl with burpees included. “Barrow the Battlefield” and “The Spartan March” for several miles over all of the hills in the South Downs.

By having each evolution be physically testing, it gives the candidates a chance to apply what they’ve learnt mentally throughout the course.

Therefore, allowing each individual to see the power of actually applying the right psychology to different situations.

Assisting from the Sidelines

The most recent course was the only one that I’ve not been able to do as a candidate, due to the injury to my arm. However, I’d passed all previous courses and so wanted to be involved in the 8th course somehow.

Andre asked me to help assist him with the training and the coaching. So this time around I still did the course, but from a different perspective.

Having this position, to be almost on the outside; looking in, allowed me to see exactly how dramatic and huge the change is in all of the participants.

Each individual was incredibly inspirational in the way that they each dealt with the adversities of the physical evolutions.

It was so encouraging to see people growing in confidence and mental toughness. Whilst also growing in the gentler traits, such as supporting their team mates and encouraging others.

Although difficult for me to not be involved physically, I loved every minute watching the candidates adapt to the situations they were put in to.

Seeing the Difference

ppw008 psychology

This PPWTC was one of my favourites!

Probably because I had a new perspective…

As part of the training team, I got to see each candidate change, develop and grow.

I also got to see each person adapt to every situation in their own unique way. Using the psychology that they’d learnt and putting it into practice.

It’s nice to spend a few days with a group of people and get to know them more and more over the duration of the event.

Getting to know what adversities they’ve faced, what they’ve overcome, how they look at things and overall just learning and taking inspiration from each individual.

So many people neglect their mindset, but anyone that’s ever done a “HellWeek” course knows the importance of keeping theirs strong.

That’s where it’s important to remember to use the psychology that you’ve learnt, to keep you on track. Something of which I’m sure all of the candidates of the last course will remember to do!

Future Courses

These PPWTC courses will continue to run every few months and with each and every course, there will be a multitude of new physical and psychological evolutions.

If ever you want to experience a real change in your life, your way of thinking and your overall attitude then I couldn’t recommend this course enough.

The lessons that you learn and the sense of achievement you getafter completing these courses, stay with you for life. As will all of the notes you take. Therefore, you will always have the psychological tools to use again in your every day life!

This isn’t an event where you know what to expect either. As no PPWTC course is ever the same and there’s always new challenges and obstacles to overcome.

Doing these courses and surrounding yourself with good people can only bring about a positive change.

That is something I’ve experienced and witnessed each and every time.

mud crawl psychology

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