Red Dead Redemption 2 – Why This Game Got Me Back into Gaming

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Rockstar Games have always been one of my favourite game development companies, ever since the release of Grand Theft Auto: Vice City many years ago, when I really shouldn’t have actually been playing it but I did none-the-less!

As a kid and a young teenager, I loved firing up the PlayStation or XBOX, depending on which console I had at the time, and engulfing myself into another world after a “hard” day at school.

I can remember the days when I’d get back from school, run upstairs and jump straight on my XBOX to chat with the friends I’d spent all day with, only to spend hours upon hours ignoring my homework and shooting rival players on Call of Duty.

Either that or I was conceding a sh*t tonne of goals on FIFA, or better still, ploughing through the story of the latest instalment of the Grand Theft Auto series.

Truth be told, I was a proper geek growing up and I loved video games; they were probably the epicentre of my life until boxing came along…

Lowkey Gamer

So over the past few years, I’ve dabbled in gaming, never really giving myself much time to explore it in the way that I would’ve done when I was at school.

In that time, however, I’ve noticed how much things have changed and how much pressure is being put upon game developers and their employees to meet consumer standards.

Being someone that is a “lowkey gamer” it means I don’t really play games all that much; nor do I buy a new game very often.

However, when I hear that another game from Rockstar is coming out, I get a bit excited and turn into my fat; little, old self again from when I was about 12/13 and I eagerly anticipate its release.

Initially I said to myself that I’d wait for Christmas until I bought Red Dead Redemption 2, but with a free weekend coming up it was a no brainer and I went to TESCO and picked up a copy just before they closed!

What is Red Dead Redemption 2?

RDR 2 is a prequel to another game released by Rockstar back in 2010, called Red Dead Redemption.

It basically covers all of the events that happened before Red Dead Redemption and it allows you to play as a former member of the Van Der Linde gang – Arthur Morgan.

It’s a game set in the Wild West, just about the time that the Industrial revolution was really kicking in and essentially, the game portrays the struggle that outlaws/”cowboys” faced during that time period.

It also gives a subtle nod towards what the native American’s had to face when the European “settlers” turned up in North America…

My Thoughts on the Game



Sometimes annoying…

But overall it is awesome!

Without putting up any spoilers, this game is by far one of my favourite games that’s ever been released and it easily beats the first Red Dead Redemption for me.

There’s so much to see and do and the depth behind every location, every character and every NPC is quite simply amazing when you consider how much time, detail and effort went in to every little piece of this game!

Character-wise, Arthur Morgan is by far the best hero/villian/main character that I’ve ever come across in a Rockstar game.

Again, I don’t want to spoil anything, but his story line and everything about him as a character, was fascinating to me and that’s why I much preferred RDR 2 to it’s predecessor, because for me, Arthur Morgan is more relatable than John Marston.

The supporting cast are all great too…

The voice acting, the character development and the story-lines for each of them were so deep and meaningful; which is something that a lot of games try to do, but fail miserably.

In terms of the actual gameplay it was OK.

The controllers could sometimes be a bit clunky and frustrating, the whole thing with getting off of your horse and not having certain guns equipped was beyond annoying, but the freedom to make your own choices for a large majority of the missions helped balance out that slightly tacky feel to some of the controls.

How Did It Get Me Back into Gaming?

This game reminded me why I loved games so much a few years back, because if done right, they can be so immersive, fun and act as a brilliant way to explore a story whilst also being able to relax and unwind.

For me, my life is busy from early in the morning; until late at night, if I’m not at the gym training myself or training others, then I’m working on different projects and getting errands done.

So, when the weekends come around, I like to fully relax, chill out, unwind and gaming used to be what I did to do just that.

For a long time, there was nothing that really grabbed my attention or drew me in enough to really warrant spending my free time on my PS4, however, this game did just that and has set the standard for all games to come!

This game was so enjoyable and so thought-provoking that it’s made me write a whole blog post on it, something that I’ve never felt compelled to do before…

As silly as it may sound, this game has not only helped me to have fun and relax on my days off, but it’s also encouraged me to learn more about the time period that this game is set in and look a bit deeper into the history of Native American’s, as that seems to be an important period that history overlooks.

Finishing Thoughts

All-in-all, this game is awesome. It really is brilliant, from the graphics, to the story, the characters and the depth of the World, it’s almost the complete package!

Clunky and sometimes awkward; frustrating controls let it down at points, but overall, it’s a solid 9-9.5/10, in my opinion.

After an 8 year development cycle and a ridiculous amount of man-hours, the finished product is probably the best we could ever hope for on this current era of games consoles.

The effort that Rockstar and it’s employees have gone to, to create a fully immersive World and story is unprecedented – to the best of my knowledge – and what they’ve achieved is something that I’m not sure will ever be matched, definitely not in this current era of the PS4 and Xbox One…

For anyone that wants to invest some time into uncovering an excellent story and who wants to have some fun and explore the vast World that the game is set in, then this is without doubt, the game for you.

With Red Dead Online now live, a whole new adventure awaits us all and I’m sure there’s going to be a hell of a lot of chaos in Blackwater!

Let me know your thoughts on the game, as well as a rating out of /10 in the comments down below…

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