Situation Appreciation


This is my own little ‘exercise’ that I came up with a little while ago after all my ill-health and it really is simple and self explanatory…

Appreciate your situation, whatever it may be and as hard as it may be – there’s always a positive, however small and slight it may seem!

Of course, it sounds easy and really simple but when things aren’t going good or going your way then it becomes difficult – however – this is the challenge, because if you can always see the good in a situation and appreciate it in some way; then you’ve always got that little bit of positivity to fire you up when you’re feeling down.

Situation Appreciation is a great way to pick yourself up if you’re in a little bit of a slump, but like I said it’s not always simple or easy, but it’s well worth practising as you never know when it could come in handy!

I also find myself taking a few minutes and practising this after a great moment/time in my life – after winning a fight, after a great day out with friends/family, after a workout, etc. I take some time to appreciate what I’ve experienced and then it empowers me even more – it also makes it more prominent in my mind so that I can end up re-calling this positive past event when times are hard.

It’s not easy, but it’s definitely worthwhile and gratitude makes us happier – so this stuff definitely works!

Here are some steps that I often take to help me with appreciating the situation:

  • Pick a song (usually one that I find makes me think/feel)
  • Listen to it with headphones on
  • Close my eyes and see what I’ve got in my life that I’m grateful for OR…
  • Look around me and see what I’m surrounded by 
  • Take some deep breaths
  • Write down my thoughts/feelings/gratitude down in a journal
In a way, I guess I kind of create my own music video in my mind (like we all do secretly) – I have the music playing and my mind takes inspiration from the music and the lyrics and then I begin to paint a picture of all the positive things I have in my life right now, I also try and see myself in the future and how I want to be, who I’m with, how I feel, etc. 

I found that this was a good topic to discuss today, as it is 7 years today that I’ve been with my girlfriend – I had a great couple of days with her and once I dropped her home this evening I took an hour or so to just appreciate the fact that I have her in my life and that we have such a good relationship, despite everything that’s happened in regards to the ill-health that I mentioned earlier.

Life may not be perfect and it never will be, as things always change and time never stands still, however, it’s always important to appreciate the situation and ultimately appreciate life…


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