Why I Gave up on Being a “Vegan”

Don’t just read the title! Make sure you read through this blog post properly and see what I’m saying first! I’m not abandoning “veganism” entirely, however, I would no longer […]

Psychology – Witnessing the Change

Psychology has been a big part of my life for the past 9 years. The whole concept of psychology was brought to my attention when I started boxing. The ability […]

Exercising with Cancer

Exercise and cancer don’t appear to go hand-in-hand when you think of the two as separate entities. However, exercising whilst you’ve got cancer and are having treatment for it can […]

Week 1: Part 1 – Post-Op​

One week on from the operation to try and fix my broken arm and I’ve pretty much got full mobility back into it. There’s still a fair bit of soreness […]

A Gift and a Curse

One of my biggest regrets is spending too much time on my computer and not enough time with my dad… Ever since his passing, I’ve been a lot more aware […]

Always In Your Corner

This week, another very close friend of mine began his treatment for cancer, a couple of days prior I went to the hospital with him and his wife to do […]

How Boxing changed my life…

Today, I thought I’d take it back to 8 years ago and it is around this sort of time that I began boxing, just before turning 14… I never would’ve […]

Food for Thought

As a part of my blog and my YouTube channel, I’m going to be uploading content which aims to be short and simple, but which makes you think and provides […]

Your Own Dreams Achieved

Your Own Dreams Achieved, is a group Psychology session which is held at the start of every month by my friend and mentor Andre Daltrey, it is commonly referred to […]