Why I Gave up on Being a “Vegan”

Don’t just read the title! Make sure you read through this blog post properly and see what I’m saying first! I’m not abandoning “veganism” entirely, however, I would no longer […]

Ringside for Khan Vs. Vargas

This past weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Khan Vs. Vargas fight at the Birmingham Arena, along with my friends Manny & Andre. After finding out I was […]

Social Media & Depression In an Evolving World

Facebook (who also own the majority of other big social media platforms) have recently released an advert, essentially apologising for sharing it’s users data and spamming us with advertisements, clickbait […]

4 Signs of a Quality Coach & Personal Trainer

As the fitness industry continues to ascend in popularity, the number of trainers and coaches out there also begins to increase… The question is – what trainer/coach do you pick? […]

Week 1: Part 1 – Post-Op​

One week on from the operation to try and fix my broken arm and I’ve pretty much got full mobility back into it. There’s still a fair bit of soreness […]

Check Yo Self

“You better check yo self before you wreck yo self” – I probably don’t strike many as the sort of person who listens to Ice Cube and songs about AK47’s […]

Always In Your Corner

This week, another very close friend of mine began his treatment for cancer, a couple of days prior I went to the hospital with him and his wife to do […]

How Boxing changed my life…

Today, I thought I’d take it back to 8 years ago and it is around this sort of time that I began boxing, just before turning 14… I never would’ve […]

Listen to this!

Listening is such a highly underrated skill and one that I’m always mindful of and am also trying to look out for in other people… I often see people looking […]

Food for Thought

As a part of my blog and my YouTube channel, I’m going to be uploading content which aims to be short and simple, but which makes you think and provides […]