Why I Gave up on Being a “Vegan”

Don’t just read the title! Make sure you read through this blog post properly and see what I’m saying first! I’m not abandoning “veganism” entirely, however, I would no longer […]

GP’s, Persistence & Taking Control of Your Own Health

Setting the Scene Back as early as 2012, I was having a lot of health problems. Problems that I initially thought were pretty minor and that were simply part of […]

The Importance of Stretching

I’ve been guilty in the past for not stretching half as much as I should’ve done… You finish a workout and all you want to do is either: eat, shower […]

Conquer Fear & Enhance Your Life

“Conquer fear” were the last two words a great man said to me, and after much thought upon them and after listening to hundreds of podcasts, reading articles, books and […]

Winning The Mental Battle of Physical Fitness and Obesity

Today’s post is less of a fully written blog, but instead, more of me just providing you with something to look at in your own time and to listen to […]

Making the Most of Injuries

For anyone who loves to exercise and is regularly doing some sort of training, injuries are a real pain in the ass! As well as from temporarily preventing you from […]