Boxing Journeys – The British Boxing Talk Podcast

In this weeks episode of the “British Boxing Talk” podcast, we discuss the latest news in the world of boxing and each of us speak about a fighter and their […]

The Mental Benefits of Having Cancer

As my final set of scans and check-ups approach, I look back on these past 5 years… Thinking of all the things, both good and bad, that have happened since […]

Social Media & Depression In an Evolving World

Facebook (who also own the majority of other big social media platforms) have recently released an advert, essentially apologising for sharing it’s users data and spamming us with advertisements, clickbait […]

How To Get Results

Everybody wants results. Particularly within the health and fitness industry! That’s the whole purpose behind exercise and training really, to see or feel physical improvements within yourself. Then why do […]


This isn’t intended to be a “new year; new me” kind of post, where I list how good/bad my last year was or I tell the world my targets and […]

Your Own Dreams Achieved

Your Own Dreams Achieved, is a group Psychology session which is held at the start of every month by my friend and mentor Andre Daltrey, it is commonly referred to […]