Understanding Communication


Sometimes we react on instinct and impulse; we don’t think about what we’re saying or how we are saying it – however – due to peoples differing interpretations, we have to adjust and adapt to what and how we say things to certain people.

Seems a bit awkward and a lot of effort right?

Well, it’s not that hard to do… It just requires you to slow down – something which a lot of people struggle to do in this ASAP lifestyle we live!

All it really takes is a few extra seconds of thought about what and how you’re saying something to make the difference between understanding and an argument/conflict.

I won’t go into the psychology behind it as I don’t have the full understanding of how it works and the science that goes with it, but in simple terms: some people respond to a harder approach such as being told something directly and sternly, whilst others may require a softer approach; one where you may need to be more sensitive, empathetic and understanding.

Every person is unique and rightly so!

There is no good or bad way to be, but there is a good and bad way to respond to people!

If you’ve got a sensitive person who needs to be told something then try to be quieter; more personal and gentle towards them. Whilst with someone who may be more bold and outgoing; then you may be able to communicate in a harder and more stern way.

We have to adapt our behaviours and reactions to each individual and it’s not the simplest thing to do, but for better chemistry, communication and rapport with friends, family, clients, etc. it is definitely worth it!

In my career I always have to adjust how I speak to and react to my clients, as each person is emotionally unique and will need to be motivated or encouraged in a different way.

In order to get the most out of an individual you’ve got to be able to press the right buttons to unlock their potential – it’s not ever black and white – but getting to know and paying a bit more attention to
your friends, family members and/or clients will really help you all in creating that bit of ‘team chemistry’ and will also help you to figure out the most effective way to communicate.

* Better communication = better results! *

Following on from this, and using work as an example, chemistry and communication is generally the key to success and happiness in the work place and so without it, no results or no real happiness will ever be achieved.

You may find that a few extra seconds of engaging your brain before you open your mouth could be incredibly beneficial to every area in your life, including work, home life, within friendships, etc. and I’m certain you will get results with it.

It isn’t always easy to do this, especially not at first, but if you can apply it to yourself in every situation; then it’s bound to pay off!

Think before you speak and react accordingly!

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