Winning The Mental Battle of Physical Fitness and Obesity

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Today’s post is less of a fully written blog, but instead, more of me just providing you with something to look at in your own time and to listen to with an open mind.

Whilst washing up after making my smoothie bowl this morning (smoothie bowls are so damn good), I was watching YouTube video’s as I often do, and a suggestion for a Tedx talk by Ogie Shaw popped up.

Interested by the title “Winning The Mental Battle of Physical Fitness and Obesity”, I decided to click on it and listen to the talk whilst carefully washing up the blades from the ‘Ninja Blender’ and trying not to slice my finger open. Again…

I thought I’d share the link with my readers as – Ogie Shaw – makes some good points that I found interesting and that also co-incided quite well with the post that I did yesterday; on ‘How Often Should We Exercise?’.

Shaw speaks about exercising every single day and how by doing so it eliminates excuses not to train and he also goes into a bit more detail of how to exercise, when to exercise and most importantly why consistent exercise is so important. Not only for our health, but for our mindset too.

You can check out the Ted talk by clicking here!

I would love to know what my readers think about the things that the fitness consultant, Ogie Shaw, is saying. So please feel free to comment after you’ve watched the video! 🙂

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