World Champion Day

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Today is the 3 year anniversary of my good friend Darren Harrison winning his gold medal at the WFMC Kickboxing Championships in Croatia and becoming a World Champion!

Darren has inspired many people, including myself, as he never gave up in his pursuits, despite some negative people around him in the past trying to drag him down.

However, with support from some good friends and with both determination and conviction, he powered on through and overcame the odds and not only had a very active and exciting career, but also had the honour of representing his country on several occasions.

As well as winning the World Championships back in 2014, Darren has also been involved in the corners of several Professional boxers, completed all sorts of running and obstacle races and has also completed the infamous ‘Fan Dance’ in harsh winter conditions.

Also, Darren will be taking part in an exhibition bout this November to help raise funds for the victims, families and firefighters involved in the Grenfell Tower disaster.

All in all, Darren is a very inspirational person who has earnt everything that he’s got, through hard work, focus, determination and consistency and it goes to show that however hard life may hit you and however many times it may knock you down, it’s the willingness to keep getting up and moving forwards that really matters!

Congratulations once again Daz; enjoy your day,


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